Sunday, March 16, 2014

Canyonland Race in Moab

Back in January, Dave was trying to figure out how to stay motivated to keep running during our travels.

What better way than to sign up for a race? After searching the web he found a half marathon on the very date we'd planned to travel through Moab, Utah, and signed up!

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I asked Claire if she wanted to join me for the five mile race since she was planning to be with us for her spring break during that time.

That brought us here yesterday afternoon:

And here this morning at 7:30 AM!

Staying with friends who live here in Moab, we had just a short ways to go to the drop off point where Claire and I would take one bus, and Dave would take another.

The race takes place up the canyon just outside of Moab, with school buses delivering us to our respective race start locations.

Although our race didn't start until 9:30, we had to be on the bus by 7:45 so we could be dropped off in time for those buses to go back and forth to pick up all 5000 people participating in both races today!

While Dave and the other half marathoners were taken farther up the canyon to start their race at 10, Claire and I were happy to leave the shady spot we'd been in for an hour and a half and get our show on the road!

What FUN it was running down that gorgeous canyon, soaking in the view of such magnificence. I honestly think I had a smile on my face the whole way as it was just such an exquisite and amazing experience.

Claire finished ahead of me so was at the finish line when I arrived - so nice to have her waiting there to snap a phone shot!

I am SO proud of this girl for running in her first race...and beating her mom, no less!!! Way to go Claire!!

And considering all the travel, migraines and fast food of the past weeks, I'm proud of myself too for finishing well!

I'm so glad I had Claire with me to share in the joy of such a fun time!

Not too long after that it was time to go watch for Dave coming in from his half marathon.

"Go, Dave, GO!"

We caught up to him shortly after he crossed the finish line, congratulating him on a race well run!

The wind had come up at Mile 8 so he didn't have an easy last five miles, though persevered through it like he does so well in so many situations. Glad I was only doing the five miler this time!

The three of us felt pretty accomplished when all was said and done...thankful for healthy bodies that could run, and happy to have done it together!!


  1. Yeah for all of you! Another wonderful and unique memory to pack away from your sabbatical!

  2. Great documentation of the race, from all three of your vantage points. LOVE and….CONGRATS!

    And of course I couldn't help but notice the kilt on one of the guys behind you in one of your pictures. Any story on his attire? Was it random or was that something that other guys ran in? Just wondering (always love a good backstory!)