Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Touch of Home

The past two mornings Claire and I have gone out walking, even though it's been just 18F degrees (-7C) here in Telluride. Brrrr!

Both mornings we've ended up here at the Steaming Bean on Main street for coffee.

Over lattes and a Clif bar, we've had such fun doing what we love to do: talk, laugh, observe, enjoy.

Afterward we walked through town and found a surprise that delighted both our hearts!

Ever heard of the Telluride Free Box? We hadn't either until yesterday when our friend here told us about it.

As you might guess, it's a place where people can leave things they don't want and they're free for the taking to any who pass by.

They also empty the whole box once a week.

Can you imagine what we found just in time??

First, Claire found this...a book published in 1974 about Ceskoslovensko (otherwise known as Czechoslovakia).

We were giddy as we looked through it, feeling all nostalgic and a little homesick.

But it got better! Claire saw two more books on the shelf...about the very area where we live! One was about Ostrava, the large city near us, and then there was one about the Beskydy Mountains that we live in. What a find!

Don't you wonder who left those books there...THIS WEEK??!! And in just two days, they would've been gone.

As I laid here this afternoon on the bed looking through the Beskydy book, I found this shot...

Awwww...home. That's the church in Malenovice on the right. We live just over the hill from there. I miss it!

What a good gift today...a touch of home found right here in Telluride, Colorado!

**Claire blogged about this today too. See HERE for her perspective!**

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  1. That is so awesome! I hadn't heard of free boxes like that except for in this book I recently read But that was along a huge, huge, huge, hike that they had those set up in small towns along the way.