Thursday, November 7, 2013

While It Lasts

When I looked outside this morning and saw how beautiful it was, I couldn't help but go soak it in, and take a few more photos to capture this fall beauty while it lasts.

Isn't that tree above magnificent?! It's so interesting that the leaves are completely gone on one side, yet still clinging on to the other. Must have happened during the big wind a few days ago. Still, what a gorgeous site!

I literally took just a few steps down the road and captured this.

I wish I'd been able to go inside and look at these gardens. While they're only open between May and October, the Fuller Gardens are lovely even from the road in the fall! Imagine what they look like in their summer glory.

If you turn around from the gardens, this is what awaits you.

Built in 1877, Union Chapel just completed it's 137th summer season of worship services. What an absolutely lovely setting to worship the Lord in!

I've been walking and running past these places for several weeks now, and still can't get over how lovely it all is! It never gets old, and has been so inspiring as I've been writing.

We're taking a break from our writing, and leaving in the morning for a few days. I'm headed to see my mom and dad, and Dave is headed to speak at a men's retreat and see his mom and dad in Colorado!

Next stop on the blogging trail for me: Oregon!