Thursday, August 11, 2016

Good News, Bad News

I'm back home in Czech. That's the good news.

The bad news is that I'm posting this from my phone because my computer is missing. 

Would you believe this little sticker was in my hotel room bathroom? Added a bit of comic relief that night.

When I dropped off my rental car at the Denver airport on Sunday evening, I inadvertently left my laptop in the backseat. And thus began what is turning into quite an ordeal as I seek to find out if it's been found. 

Upon arrival at my hotel at midnight on Sunday, I realized what had happened. I made phone calls (only to their corporate headquarters as I found out they don't give individual location phone numbers) and placed a report on the lost and found section of the rental agency's website using my phone. Somehow I assumed they'd be quick to respond.

Sadly I was wrong.

It's been four days and there is no news, though it's not for lack of trying to get some! Dave worked on it yesterday too but made no further progress than I already had.

And so I'm working my way through the stages of grief:


I know, I know...this is NOT AT ALL like losing a loved one. Not even close. This is not an irrecoverable loss. And as I've wrestled through it and come to the acceptance stage, I've acknowledged that God is God, even over my mistakes. That is humbling and I'm so very grateful for the truth of it.

But the loss is a sad reality that I'm figuring out. And learning from.

I'm praying that it's sitting on a shelf in the rental agency's lost and found room and has been somehow overlooked. Claire is heading to Denver in the next few days so I may see if she'd go in person to ask and look since she knows my computer and could identify it.

Will you pray it's there waiting?

In the meantime I'm reflecting on the sweetness of my time in the States that ended so well. 

Despite the loss, I'm rich in so very many ways! 

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