Thursday, August 25, 2016

No Better Than This

There was a time when vacation was no better than this.

Or this!

When our kids were 3, 5 and 7, we started vacationing in Croatia - and it just stuck! We never wanted to go anywhere else. Spending all day at the beach, riding bikes, sleeping in a tent, cooking over a little charcoal grill, and just having long days together...there was nothing better!

Well, except maybe the ice cream! :)

Even on cloudy days we found things to do, like take a ferry ride to another island.

Or play mini golf on funky little courses!

Mostly we just loved being in sunshine, playing together and making memories.

This year Dave and I heading off, once again, to our beloved Croatia for some vacation time. We'll think about our kids and remember those special days, while making some new memories of our own, I'm sure.

One of which will be some vacation days with this guy...and his family!

Towards the end of our vacation time, Tyler, Lara and Judah are flying in to Croatia to join us for a few days before we head back home to Czech.

The Lord is kind that way. While our kids have been long gone, there has actually never been a year where Dave and I have vacationed completely alone! Somehow there has always been one of our kids around to be with us for at least part of our vacation. And we like that!

We're excited that this time it also involves a certain little grandson. :)

Until then, Dave and I are off to have some much needed rest and refreshment with each other. I'm looking forward to that too!


  1. Oh my, so many memories. And I used to love that mini gold course! Haha! Enjoy our beloved croatia. ☺️