Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Package in the Mail

Driving home last night after a long day out, I stopped by the mailbox and was surprised to see a package in there. We don't get many these days so they feel special when they come.

But I didn't have my glasses on, and it was getting dark so I couldn't see who it was from, or who it was to until I got back into the car and turned on the dome light.

And then I recognized what it was.


Wow, what a surreal moment to hold it in my hands!

This is a "proof" copy, sent by my agent, the handler of this whole project so that I can take one last look at it before it becomes available for purchase. Don't look for it on Amazon yet! It's not there, but will be soon.

This represents three years of work for me. Oh how the Lord has seen me through this proces, as well as my husband and our agent friend! They've all been so very patient with me.

You might read it and say, "What was the big deal to write that??" But oh my...if you've ever written a book, you know what the "big deal" is! There are so many more steps, and lessons, involved in a project like this. Maybe it would go faster on a second book. Or maybe not. And who knows if I'll ever find out!

But I'm proud of this one and happy it's almost finished and in print.

And I'm praying it will bless many people who read it.


  1. Your name is on that book!! Awesome!! I'm so excited for you that there is finally a copy in your hands!

  2. Yeeeaaahh Mom! Can't wait to hold it in my hands too soon!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I am so excited with you and for you at the "birth of your first baby." Love you and I'm celebrating with you big time!

  4. This is so exciting! I can't wait to read it! I'm so glad I have Amazon Prime so it will get here fast.

  5. Oh my Dearest Connie!!! I have tears in my eyes.... so exciting moment... so proud of you... it's simply FANTASTIC!!! I follow with pray this book will bring light of Jesus in to many of hearts, in some way will touch many many readers and their lifes.... ENJOY!!! Love i.

  6. Oh Con, SO great! Rejoicing with you over this labor of love!!

  7. Proud of you and rejoicing in God's faithfulness. And, I'm dying to read it!!