Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Last First

Long ago, in what feels like a very far away land, these three had a first day of school here in Czech.

If I remember correctly, it was Caleb's first day of first grade. Tyler would have been heading into fourth grade, and Claire was finishing up školka (kindergarten) that year.

Somehow, a lot of time has passed and now we're at this point: Claire's last 'first day of school', her last semester of college!

Tyler and Caleb are finished with school. Well sort of! Tyler is busy writing his master's thesis and will graduate in December. But he's not on campus so doesn't have a 'first day of school' picture to send me!

So, Claire's picture represents the end of an era for our family. We and they DID IT!!

They each completed thirteen years of Czech school (more if you count školka!) and now they've almost all finished college and even graduate school.

How thankful I am for the ways they've grown and developed, for the richness of education that they've had, and for how they're living their lives today for the Lord.

That's the best part!


  1. Oh how I love this blog. And I remember going to Claire's school to see her in her class at that age...wow, how time flies! Congrats to ALL of you (like you said, "WE DID IT!)....:o)

  2. Thanks for remembering the last first day of school. Just a few short months and school will be done for Claire and Tyler. Let's start a countdown to Judah's first day of school!!!

  3. Sweatpants...the good ol' days. Ha!