Wednesday, August 31, 2016

When Work Was Restful

You wouldn't think a day of work while on vacation would be restful, would you?

Well, somehow it was today.

Both Dave and I have some pretty big projects we've got deadlines for, so today was a work day. But not really! It was fun work tucked away at a cafe, with cappuccinos and good food to keep us going all afternoon.

I prayed I'd be able to get a lot done today, so we could go back to the other kind of vacation (reading books, soaking in the beautiful sunshine and enjoying pretty sights!). The Lord MORE than exceeded that request. I finished more than I set out to do, so am feeling quite thankful this evening.

And this little one? She wins the award for patience today!

This was literally the only moment when she asked for my attention. And it wasn't to go for a walk or get a belly rub. No, it was because I had MEAT on my plate and she was hoping for a morsel.

Be assured, she got it. There have to be treats for everyone on vacation, right?!

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  1. Can't wait to hear more about this! And I love how much of a buddy Kaylee is, no matter where you go! :)