Friday, August 26, 2016

Joy in Getting There

This is the side of vacation that Dave and I laugh about. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I can't begin to count how many times we've stopped by this particular building supply store in Split for something: Foam to sleep on? Check! Found it here. Duck tape in case something happens on the boat? Yep, picked some up here. Dog bones for Kaylee? Yes, those are here too. Somehow it just wouldn't be vacation without a stop here.

Our drive down to Croatia has its regular stops too. 

After sleeping in the parking lot of a rest stop/gas station (this is where towing our little boat comes in handy - we can sleep anywhere), we head to the little restaurant there for breakfast. Omelette, French fries and a cappuccino? Perfect Croatian breakfast!

Oh and can't forget the first Apple strudel and Franch's Croatian coffee along the way...pure goodness in a bite and drink.

Then there are those certain spots that call out "Hello! Glad you're back!" as we drive along the highway. It's the first time we see the Adriatic on our twelve hour drive south. 

We will take a ferry over to Hvar soon and put our boat in, then live on twenty feet of space for a week. I can hardly wait! 

The simplicity of the boat is is one of the most refreshing things we could do to rest our souls, spend time with each other, and soak in God's beautiful creation. 

I'm not even there yet, but am feeling happy and thankful already!

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  1. Dad's probably solving problems on the phone in that last picture :)