Friday, August 19, 2016


One of the treasures God has blessed our Josiah Venture family with is a resting place called "Selah", which means 'pause' in Hebrew.

Perched on the side of a mountain that faces Lysá hora, (the mountain that this blog is named after as I can see it when I look out my office window at our house!), it is a beautiful log home built for our JV missionaries to come to for rest, refreshment and renewal.

With a beautiful view from every direction, God has a special way of meeting each of us when we're up there.

This week my friend, Maruška, who serves on our JV Slovakia team, is up here with her husband for that very reason: to meet with God and let Him nourish and refresh her.

It was a privilege to be invited up to meet with her too!

We're both busy ladies in the worlds we live in. But when you're up at Selah, the urgent tasks just fade away and it's as if there is nothing more important than just sitting on those rocking chairs, enjoying the presence of each other and the Lord.

And you know what? There ISN'T anything more important than taking those "Selah" moments for reflection and restoration.

I know my soul was restored there today, spending time with my friend.

"Thank you for inviting me dear Maruška!"

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