Sunday, August 7, 2016

Colorado Beauty

Our daughter-in-law, Haley, grew up in Colorado. Caleb met her when they were 14 and 15, while we visited one of our supporting churches in Fort Collins, which also happened to be the church her dad served in as worship pastor.

Now life has come full circle and they're back here living for a season!

While Haley is Coloradan by birth, Caleb has always loved Colorado too. He's enjoying the beauty of living near these mountains, and loves every opportunity to go up into the Rockies.

I'm so glad both he and Haley love it, and were willing to take me up here to spend the day soaking in the beauty!

We drove up through Estes Park, and on into Rocky Mountain National Park where we headed to breathtaking Bear Lake.

As Caleb says, it's a tame walk! But even with a lot of people on the trail, you still get vistas like this.

And this!!!

We had sunshine, blue sky and fluffy white clouds for most of our walk. And then true to Colorado, everything changed in a matter of moments.

We made it back to our car just as the sprinkles of rain began, heading down to Estes Park for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

After wandering through stores and having a great dinner at their favorite Nepalese restaurant, we finished off our beautiful day with decaf coffee as we headed back to Fort Collins.

Thank you Caleb and Haley for treating me to such glorious sights and delightful conversation all day! I'm loving being here with you! 

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  1. I LOVE every one of these pictures! The signs are breathtaking and you all look so alive and engaged in your sweet relationship. I'm so happy you've had this time together!!!!