Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Joy

On a perfectly beautiful Sunday afternoon, Dave and I drove, keeping a lookout for a place we'd never been to before.

Did you notice the little green sign among the others? If you can read Czech, you know that's our destination.

Is it merely to see a spectacular view of the Beskydy mountains?

Better than that...we're heading to a wedding!

While the reception would take place later, inside and out at a most darling hotel nearby, the wedding would happen out here.

Soon people began to gather, musicians took their place on stage, the wedding party entered, and the groom stood up front awaiting the true treasure of the day:

His lovely bride, happily making her way down the aisle on her dad's arm.

Dave had the privilege and joy of marrying the groom and his bride in this most delightful setting.

One of the sweet blessings of so many years here in Czech is events like this one today.

We first met the groom's dad shortly after we moved here twenty three years ago. And not long afterward, met the bride's dad. They, along with their families, attended a church in the same city we lived in.

Over the years, we watched these families raise their children in godly homes. Then we began to see their kids at various Christian events and activities. The groom eventually felt God's call on his life and joined KAM, our Czech JV organization, and along the way fell in love with his sweet bride (who he'd known much of his life!).

And now today, Filip and Anet, pledged their lives before God to one another and became husband and wife.

It was truly one of those joyfully tearful moments where you see up close and personal, the hand of God on two lives.

As they began their happy dance back down the aisle, I couldn't help but think of God's pleasure on a day like this.

Two of his darling children heard His voice, followed Him, obeyed His commands, and now reaped the blessing of entering into the joy of His goodness together for the rest of their lives.

That will make you smile, for sure!

As everyone clapped in celebration, my heart could barely contain the joy I felt for what is in store for this dear couple who are already following God on his path for their lives. It's no doubt going to be a very good journey for them.

When we congratulated them we told them we're glad we get to walk with them and see them over the coming years. I really can't wait to see what God has planned for them! 

We love you Filip and Anet! Thanks for the joy of sharing in your wedding day!!

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