Friday, September 1, 2017

His Watchful Care

When the weather app says there's going to be a thunderstorm, you take that seriously if you're in a boat!

So rather than wait for this morning to leave the little island of Lastovo where we've been vacationing, we headed over to Hvar yesterday afternoon and spent the night in a cove, having one last dinner by sunset on our boat.

Fully expecting to wake up to rain today, we were pleasantly surprised by just cloudy skies and even intermittent sunshine! After pulling our boat out, we drove around the island to get in line at the ferry two and a half hours early - we've learned from experience not to wait to get in line during high season!

We arrived just as another ferry was leaving, and still had sixty cars in front of us before we pulled into our lane to park and wait for the next one. This is definitely busy season for those ferries.

Knowing we had time for lunch, we set out on foot to head into Stari Grad.

By now the sun and humidity were out in full force, though you could see dark clouds in the distance. Made us glad our boat was all tucked away and ready to roll on its trailer!

And made lunch a restful affair as we looked out over this harbor.

Stari Grad has really come up through the years, and is becoming "the place" to be these days. New restaurants, shops and a booming, enlarged marina with many sailboats and yachts make it a fun place to be on our last day of vacation.

We stopped for lunch at a new restaurant, cute as could be, and ordered their fish and chips - a new type of item on the menu for these parts! Oh boy, it was definitely worth ordering.

Finishing lunch, we had just enough time for ice cream. Lavender was my preferred choice!

We strolled back down the riva towards the ferry, enjoying a few last minutes on the island.

This has been one of our best vacations: so restful, refreshing and rejuvenating!

We now head into a busy season of travel, conferences and leadership, but do so with a fresh spring in our step from the Lord.

So very thankful to have had these days with each other, under the Lord's watchful care. He's so good at that!

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