Monday, September 18, 2017

Highlights in Fort Collins

Besides getting to meet our newest grandson, Charlie, being in Fort Collins had so many other highlights as well!

Like getting to be led in worship by Caleb.

On part-time staff at their church there, one of his responsibilities is leading worship for the college group. I'm so glad we were there for that!

Another highlight was seeing this precious one.

Hayley Ellenwood, who grew up in Czech too, has been Claire's best friend for nearly twenty years! Yes, they met as very little girls. And it's been nothing but love, joy, friendship and laughter ever since!

She moved to Fort Collins just a few days ago, and in the Lord's kindness, he allowed Claire to be here when she arrived. How cool is that?!

Couldn't resist this perfect photo of these two, taken in a spot that happened to be super windy! It so captures something so delightful about the two of them, something that's been true for years: JOY!

Another highlight was definitely watching my son be a dad!!

Caleb, you're already an amazing dad! I can't wait to watch you lead, love and plan adventures with your son!

And enjoying Caleb, Haley and Charlie's home here, complete with Mimi and Aunt Claire there too!

Caleb's had quite a garden at their house this summer, and it was perfect that he and Claire got to do a little harvesting, even with fall on its way.

On Saturday morning a beautiful highlight was the joy of getting breakfast with Hayley by myself; she's family to me and so loved our time together.

Another highlight? Staying at my dear friend's house for the week, and enjoying the antics of her cat, Bob! Claire had never met him and was definitely enchanted by him. He's such a character and so full of personality!

Linda and her husband hosted Dave and I, and then Claire and I, for the week in Fort Collins. We've been friends for many years and as always, it was positively delightful to be with her, spending mornings and evenings in fellowship together.

"Thank you again Linda for EVERYTHING! What a special time we had with you!'

We worshipped on Sunday morning at Caleb and Haley's church, Mountain View Community Church. It sure was a special highlight to be with this little guy during the service!

It was also a highlight to see a long-time friend, Kimra, from our days in Chicago, back when Dave was a student at Wheaton College.

She and her husband attended the church we went to back then, but moved out to Fort Collins to help start this church twenty one years ago. I've seen her now and then when we've been here, but she hadn't seen Claire since she was a baby! It was special to introduce them to each other. They are kindred spirits, as I expected they would be.

And finally, it was a highlight to pray over Charlie each time I held him, asking the Lord to bring him to faith in Christ at an early age.

May this little grandson of ours follow Jesus with all his heart, along with his two cousins, Judah and Asher. May this trio of boys, so close in age to each other, be good friends as well as cousins, and spur one other on to love and good works for the Lord's honor and glory.

I am deeply blessed by all the gifts and blessings of this past week in Fort Collins!

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