Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Prayers for Charlie

A few months ago I started praying about a gift for Caleb and Haley's little boy, something that would be meaningful to them, and to him someday.

During a baby shower for Haley in August, something occurred that finally sparked an idea in my heart and I set out to see if I could make it happen. With the help of Joyce, my sister-in-law from Denver, Avery, a friend who lives in Iowa, and a printing company here in Fort Collins, it all came together today.

At the baby shower, two of Charlie's great-grandma's were in attendance: Great-grandma Neswold from Haley's side, and Great-grandma Patty from Caleb's side. Both were asked to pray for Charlie, though they didn't even know his name yet!

My sister-in-law thought to record them as they prayed and then sent me the recording, along with this picture of those great-grandma's. As soon as I listened to the recording, the Lord brought the idea to me to transcribe the prayers. I then wrote to my friend in Iowa who has a beautiful gift for hand-lettering and asked her to design something with those prayers on it.

Today, I got to share the final product with Caleb, Haley and Charlie!

The Great-grandma's prayers for Charlie were so dear, specific and meaningful. May God answer them in fullness throughout the course of his life!

And I pray that Charlie will someday comprehend the love of his heavenly Father, who blessed him with so many family members who love Jesus!

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  1. LOVE!!!!!!! You are such a creative gift giver and this download from the Trinity takes it to a whole new level! :o)