Saturday, September 9, 2017

Special Event in Portland

I am writing this post days after a very special event in Portland Oregon, though will date it as if I was posting that day. Life is flying fast, furious and fantastic right now! But I don't want to miss these wonderful moments that happened along the way.

Dave and I flew into Portland on Friday night, and by the next afternoon were downtown, with Claire, who had flown in as well.

At a beautiful venue, with such a great Portland vibe, we met up with dear ones like Jerri, my long-time dear friend of 34 years!

And the occasion? Well, take a look at a few people along the way and you'll probably be able to figure it out (that is, if you know our family!).

That's Dave's mom and dad...and this is the groom and his mom!

Our nephew, Justin Schroeder (son of Dave's sister, Joyce and her husband David) was marrying his precious bride in a very sweet, endearing family affair, with his two precious nieces serving as flower girls!

But of course the true star of the evening was his lovely bride, Ellen, walking in on the arms of her mom and brother.

Ellen was one of those "take your breath away" beautiful brides, and positively glowed throughout the ceremony.

With brothers, sisters and close friends standing beside them, and Justin's dad doing the service, it just couldn't have been sweeter.

I made it through though without tears, until this.

I'm teary even now as I write, remembering this moment when David honored the mothers of the bride and groom, and talked of how Ellen's dad was surely looking through a portal in heaven into this sacred moment. Aw, weddings. Aren't they just the best when it's so right?!

David lightened up the profound moment afterward by taking a selfie with the bride and groom, before going on to pronounce them husband and wife!

To my delight after the wedding, look who was at the back!

Of course we knew they would be there, but hadn't seen them before the wedding. So glad Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher could be there for this happy event!

Many family members were able to come in for the wedding which made for a happy family photo (though of course we missed Caleb, Haley, Charlie, and the Josh Patty family).

It was delightful though that Blake (coming from Wheaton College) and Becca (coming from California Baptist University) were able to come on their family's behalf!

The venue where Justin and Ellen had just said their vows was quickly turned into a gorgeous setting for a wedding party, and we happily celebrated the night the away in honor of their marriage.

What joy to be part of the first day of the rest of their lives!

And so sweet to share it with the dearest of family and friends!

"Justin and Ellen, we pray that your marriage brings you as much joy as our marriage brings us! Congratulations from Uncle Dave and Aunt Connie!"

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