Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Half Hour

Claire and I have been in Colorado Springs for the past few days.

She has been meeting with various friends and acquaintances here, sharing her vision, passion and upcoming ministry with the JV Kids. It's been my privilege to be with her during these days as she meets with people to talk about how they can partner with her in this vision.

The Lord has graciously provided 87% of her monthly needs thus far!

While that's been our purpose for being here, today we had a half hour in between meetings so decided to take advantage of it. Claire suggested we take in at least one very cool sight in this area.

This one fit the bill very well! Garden of the Gods is an absolutely spectacular site just outside of Colorado Springs.

Not only that but you have a perfect view of Pike's Peak from there.

I would have loved more time to explore the paths and amazing rock formations. I was beside myself with glee as we took in all the natural beauty for our few minutes there.

But even a half hour was worth spending here. I definitely need to come back someday though!

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