Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Day at Fall Conference

A day in the life of a JV Fall Conference is packed full of such richness from the Lord.

With nearly 400 participants this year, the largest training conference we've ever held at Malenovice, we begin each morning in the tent with our brothers and sisters from fourteen Central and Eastern European countries. JV national staff from Slovenia and Estonia are our daily hosts from the front, bringing their joy in the Lord to us as we start the day.
One of our staff from Poland put together a worship band of team members from many of our countries, and led us into the presence of Christ as we worshipped, singing not only songs in English, but in each of the languages from the countries where we serve. You can imagine the little taste of heaven that is, to sing praise to God in all of those languages! Even if we don't know how to pronounce the words or know their meaning, it's very special to worship together in this way.

After worship, everyone heads to their teaching groups that they'll stay in for the whole week.

Dave, Steve Patty (one of Dave's brothers) and Rob Trenckmann, our country leader in Hungary, led three separate tracks this year, teaching five sessions each to their separate groups on how to teach for transformation in the same way as Jesus taught.

Those teaching sessions are posted on our JV website HERE if you're interested in listening. While they all taught on the same topics, each teacher tailored his sessions for the people who were in the group. Dave's five sessions were for those who had the least experience in teaching, Rob took those who had some experience, and Steve taught those who have had the most experience.

Our afternoons are free for fellowship, fun and friendly sport's competitions between the countries! I was always meeting with people during those times so don't have any pictures of the volleyball and soccer tournaments.

In the evenings, we gathered down in our town of Frydlant at the cultural house for that section of our program.

Why don't we stay in the tent up at Malenovice for those sessions? That's a good question!

As you can imagine, the tent is not sound proof, and over the past few years since we put up the tent because of lack of space in our largest meeting room at Malenovice, we've had complaints from the neighbors about the noise. Wanting to be thoughtful of them and keep peaceful relationships in the village, we hire buses to take our people down to this soundproof hall each evening.

Dave is interviewing our newest country leader, Julijan from Albania

The evening sessions are full of more worship, testimonies from our national staff, and teaching from our national staff as well.

It was such a joy this year to hear insights from the Word through the heart of our staff in Estonia, Slovakia and Poland. Again, those were recorded and can be found HERE if you want to listen in to their hearts as well! You'll see them on the website listed as "Main Sessions".

It's hard to say what the best part of a day is at fall conference. Every session and conversation is just so rich and you go to bed at night wondering how the next day could possibly be any better...and then it is!

I love the intermingling of all these nationalities and cultures, blended together for one purpose: to do our part in bringing a movement of God into the countries where we all our serving. There's something so special about doing that together with all of these brothers and sisters in Christ!

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