Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Coming for a Visit

For this season of life, the Lord has blessed our Caleb and Haley with a wonderful place to live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Through friends in the area, they were able to rent a small house on the property of their friends' aunt who lives in the house next door.

Though the house is tiny, the property is beautiful and it's been a perfect place for them to live, and bring Charlie home to.

Early this morning I drove Dave to the airport in Denver to fly back home to Czech. After stopping by my sister-in-law's home for a few hours with her, I then drove back to the airport to pick up a certain someone to come to Caleb and Haley's home this afternoon.

Recognize who it is?

Aunt Claire flew in to meet Charlie!

Claire is on a roll of meeting her nephews these days!

Just a week ago she got to meet and spend time with Tyler and Lara's new son, Asher, who is three months old. And today she's meeting and holding Charlie. What a sweet gift from the Lord to work that out for her.

She and I will be here in Fort Collins for a few days, spending time with Charlie and his parents in his earliest days, enjoying every little detail about him!

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