Sunday, September 24, 2017

Front Row Seat

Claire and I made our way to the Phoenix airport Saturday morning in hopes of having breakfast together before we went our separate ways. But there was not a breakfast menu to be found in my terminal.

So instead, we hugged and said our goodbyes for now as she left to return to Chicago and I left for home in the Czech Republic.

One of our friends who used to serve in JV recently told Claire and I that she still remembers how special the time was back when she was in the process of support raising: sharing her vision for ministry, trusting God in ways she'd never had to, meeting new people and building deeper relationships with friends along the way.

She said that when all the funds were in and she had the green light to move to Europe, she was a bit sad, even though the goal had been reached.

I felt something similar as I said goodbye to Claire yesterday.

It's been very special to join her in person a few times on her support raising journey and watch God unfold his plan as he brought people into her life to partner with her. I loved watching him do that during our trip in May and I loved seeing it again during this trip in September. It was a privilege to be with her in some meetings, and a joy to process with her after meetings she went to alone.

I had a front row seat to watching miracles unfold!

But now she'll be back in Chicago with her church family and friends as she finishes the last portion of her support raising journey, and it's time for me to return home to what God has for me there.

I flew from Phoenix to LA, and then had one long flight from there to Vienna, landing there this afternoon.

So thankful it was a smooth and uneventful trip the whole way as I literally took buses, planes, trains and cars on my way home!

I arrived safe and sound this evening and now begin the shift into what we've got going this week.

Tomorrow evening, 380 JV staff and ministry partners will gather here at Malenovice for our annual leadership training conference.

I'm expecting to see some miracles this week too as we study the life of Jesus, and how he was such an effective teacher that his teachings are still relevant today.

Hoping I can beat jet lag so I'll be fully present for all that God has for me this week!

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