Thursday, September 21, 2017

Understanding the JVK

After a short one and a half hour plane ride, Claire and I landed here this afternoon.

It's the home of Coconuts Fish Cafe, and some of the best fish tacos I've ever had.

And home of the Saguaro cactus, which you'll find not just in the desert or in people's yards, but right beside the highway! Those cacti fascinate me (and these aren't even the really cool ones!).

This is Arizona, and to be more specific, Phoenix area.

While some come here to vacation and enjoy the sunshine, we came for a different reason.

Claire had a home meeting tonight with a group of people who know and love the JV Kids, just like Claire does.

For the past fifteen years, Scottsdale Bible Church has been sending a team out to care for our JV Kids at spring conference each May. And more specifically, one of their pastors has championed this amazing ministry to our families and come every year himself.

He arranged for a home meeting tonight with anyone who's ever served on a team these past fifteen years, to give Claire the opportunity to share her heart, vision and passion for raising up a new generation of "young Josiah's" among the JV Kids.

While I didn't get a picture of everyone there, it was a room full of people who "get it", who know and love our JV Kids, and who were able to ask questions and enter in to her upcoming ministry in a very specific way. It was the greatest delight to hear them talk about kids by name, and ask questions about them and their families, as well as find out from Claire what it is that she'll be doing with and for them.

"Thank you Rae, Linda and all those who sacrifice and serve our JV families in this crucial ministry of loving JV kids at spring conferences! It is a huge blessing to us that you see the value of our missionary kids and desire to have impact on their lives, even down to the littlest of them! And thank you for caring about Claire, for seeing the value in her ministry, and for getting the news out about her needs. You have blessed her, and you have blessed me!"

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