Monday, September 4, 2017

The Right Amount

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that we spent the night in this little Croatian town, Skradin, at the beginning of our vacation two weeks ago.

It's a town we've seen countless times from the highway over the years, but had never visited since it's off the beaten track, and we're always headed elsewhere.

However, due to circumstances that you can read about HERE and HERE, we ended up there for a night.

The funny thing about this little detour on our vacation is that it was actually a direct answer to something I'd talked to the Lord about as we drove down for vacation.

"Lord, I know that on vacation Dave actually needs some adventure, a problem to solve, or something that's a little difficult along the's just how you made him! So can you give him something that will fill that part of him, but that's not too hard on me??"

Yes, I literally prayed this. And the Lord answered!

After those first three days of working out our boat registration problem, the rest of the vacation was happily (for me) uneventful. Dave got his adventure, and I had a peaceful time! It was just the right amount for both of us.

Thus, it was only fitting that we stop at a rest area just above that same town on our way home and celebrate the kindness of the Lord on this vacation.

We've stopped here one other time, and I remembered that we had a very good meal so was looking forward to seeing if that was an anomaly, or the norm.

With the sun setting over the highway, we ordered simple food...meat and vegetables, freshly picked for the salad and more of them grilled to perfection.

After having freeze-dried meals on our boat for the past nine days, it was a feast that we highly enjoyed!

When we finished the meal, we were ready to go. But after getting into a conversation with the waitress, telling her we'd been there before, she asked if we'd had their speciality of the house - what they're famous for: chocolate cake baked daily in their kitchen. She said we absolutely MUST have it.

Well, how could we refuse?!

I don't even know how to describe this dessert...except to say that it's honestly the best I've ever had in my life. Not even kidding. We will go back there again and again, and probably again, just to have this! It's a mixture of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, served with panna cotta and a cherry compote. Absolutely amazing.

After waddling going back to the car, we drove on until late in the night, stopping at a rest area in Slovenia to spend the night in our boat while it poured buckets and buckets of rain. Good thing a boat doesn't mind water! We were cozy inside and slept great.

But the drop in temperature and weather was a shock by the time we got home.

When we left Split, it was 88 degrees. We dropped 46 degrees in just a matter of a ten hour drive!! A fire in a our fireplace never felt so good the next day!

As I think back over vacation this year, I'm so touched by the Lord's kindness in giving us exactly what we needed. The next six month stretch is FULL. But our hearts and souls are full of all we need to step into what's ahead.

He is so good and I'm thankful for all He gave to us these past two weeks.

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