Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Patty Homestead

This backyard. Such a well known, familiar sight to our family.

It is the backyard of the home that Dave grew up in, the Patty "homestead" for nearly 50 years. It is a home that's been full of love, hospitality, blessing, care, meals, overnights, devotions, wisdom and so much more.

It's also been the home where LOTS of fruits and vegetables were raised! Dave's dad, a farmer at heart but a missionary by calling, has had absolutely amazing gardens around the house and neighborhood for many, many years. And early this morning, before Claire and I left, we got to take the familiar walk with Grandpa to see and partake of the good fruits, literally, of his garden!

He gardens multiple plots, some of which are behind the home of Joyce, his daughter and her family.

To get there, we walk down the alley and across the street. Grandpa says hi to the neighbor whose yard we go through in order to slip in between the tree and fence as we enter the garden by Joyce's house.

And there Claire gets her taste of what we've come in search of: Raspberries fresh off the vines! There's nothing quite like it.

We then take a look around at what's still left growing as fall begins its descent.

Grandpa is a master at growing big pumpkins! This one was the result of pumpkin seeds that came all the way from Slovenia where Josh, Dave's brother, has grown some big pumpkins himself!

We've got a plane to catch, so there's only time for a few pictures, and a handful more of raspberries before it's time to get back to the house and get on the road.

We slip back through the spot between the fence and the tree, and head down the street towards Grandpa and Nana's house.

The little red wagon that's on the sidewalk beside the house holds Grandpa's tomatoes that he sells throughout the summer, and even into the fall, to all who know about them. Couldn't resist a quick photo of them with Claire!

Then, even though we don't want to, it's time to say goodbye.

Hugs are given, photos are taken, and love from grandparents/in-laws is expressed. As always, it's been a most wonderful treat to be with them again at the Patty homestead!

"Grandpa and Nana, Dad and Mom, we love you and are so thankful for the time we had together!"

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  1. If only Claire could hear the echoes of thousands of memories as she walks down those streets! You too! How familiar a sight that was to see Dick ambling down the sidewalk spring, summer and fall. A time when there was no Schroeder home, but it was all covered in tomatoes and cucumbers, the overripe ones perfect for us to throw at "Billy" (AKA Josh, now>), and every other vegetable Picking beans with Joyce. And another patch of ground, now long covered with asphalt, corn and pumpkins grew. But it wasn't just vegetables grown there! Families came to know the Lord, and that real fruit was borne.
    I love the alley picture as you all are approaching my parents' house. We kids spent just as much time playing in the alley as out on the street. It was all our playground.
    I came by my gardening habits both genetically and hmmm, neighborly?