Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exceptionally Beautiful

We are in the midst of a beautiful fall! I couldn't resist taking the camera out today to capture its beauty. Enjoy a little window into my world!


  1. Wow! Just soo beautiful! :) Tks for sharing... We don't get much of a 'fall' here in SoCal... :( (Or many wide-open spaces for that matter...) Gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE that I can now picture these places when you post them! I've driven down these streets and they remind me of you, the bestest heart friend ever! At the beach here I"m enjoying the colorful leaves at Devil's Lake. What creativity God used when He made it so that leaves turn beautiful colors before falling dead to the ground. Seems like there's a story woven in there somewhere, don't ya think? Love you :o)