Saturday, November 19, 2011


The doorbell rang for the fourth time today...and this time I had the desired item my neighbor was looking for.

After giving the needlepoint to Pani Muchova a few days ago, I promised our neighbor I would give her photos of our visit, as well as of the needlepoint itself as she said she wanted to remember what it looked like.

Thankfully there is a drugstore in town that prints photos immediately, so this morning I hurried there to take care of the task...after she'd already been over three times asking if I had them!

I'm thankful Claire grabbed the camera to snap these precious moments with my neighbor, enjoying the photos of her work. Her hands were shaking as she looked at the needlepoint up close in the photo - you couldn't miss seeing her amazing gift for handwork.

When I told her that God had given her this gift, she replied selflessly, as usual, "Well, you have a gift too." When I asked her what it was she replied, "Raising children"!

That made my day. And I hope the photos made hers!

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  1. She is have 3 very wonderful gifts that you have been raising! You have amazing children!!!