Saturday, November 26, 2011

Free Tree

On the way home yesterday from Thanksgiving at Malenovice, we drove past a HUGE tree that had just been cut down and was laying alongside the road.

We drove past it exclaiming, "The top of that would make a great Christmas tree!"

We talked it about for the next few minutes as we drove home, wondering if what we'd quickly seen at a glance really would make a good Christmas tree or not, and if the forest men would even let us take it.

So we turned around and drove back to the tree, deciding we'd at least give it a try. Sure enough, they were happy to cut the top off for us.

One of the forest guys even helped Dave take it to the van.

The tree it came off was at least 50 feet high!

I don't know why, but I couldn't stop giggling about it! Getting a tree for free, from Malenovice, just tickled me.

We put it in the back of the van and followed Caleb home, hoping it would stay put.

Heading into our driveway with it still wedged in the back.

And there it is! We'll have to do a little trimming to get it to fit into our house - it might not look so big in the picture, but it really is!

We're getting ready to decorate today so we'll see how our free tree turns out.


  1. I love this. Probably our best tree story yet. :)

  2. I HAVE to see that tree in your house (we saw it on the road!).