Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 at 11:11

How could I resist posting that as the title today?! And where was I on 11-11-11?

At one of the balls that we have come to know and love over these past few years!

It was Caleb's final ball after taking dance lessons again.

I'm glad we actually had a special event that fell on this "once in a lifetime" date!

Caleb's dance partner was Kristy, a girl from Claire's class at BMA.

Claire with Kristy, Hayley and Eva - BMA friends!

What a privilege to have my son lead me on the dance floor!

Amy was there too - fun to share this experience together again!

I love all the traditions of the ball - the guys lined up to give their dance partners a gift.

Dance competition - Caleb and Kristi were #11 tonight!

They did a great job!

An extra special gift of the evening - seeing our friend Katka, home from Scotland where she attends college!

Pavla and Katka are the sisters that we've known ever since we moved here 18 years ago. Katka, on the right, graduated from BMA, and Pavla, on the left, is in Caleb's class who graduates this year.

From every angle...a very special day and evening!

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