Monday, November 21, 2011

When Dave Goes Speaking

 Dave was in Pisek, a city here in Czech, teaching through the book of Colossians this week-end.

Teaching from the Bible is one of Dave's most favorite things to do in the world!

He is often asked to teach throughout the region, and comes home with awesome stories about God working in peoples lives. I'm always excited for him to get home, of course to see him! But also to hear his stories.

But the other reason we get excited to see him is for the precious gifts that come home with him.

Through the years as he has taught across Central and Eastern Europe, people have blessed him, and us, with really special gifts after he has served in those places.

It just delights us to see what Dave comes home with, time after time!

Everything you see in the pictures (thanks for taking them Claire!) came from the people of Pisek this week-end! Their generosity was overwhelming! If any of you are reading this...THANK YOU!! You blessed us so much!

They gave such thoughtful gifts! Fresh nuts, homemade preserves, tea, chocolate, Christmas decorations, a chocolate advent calendar, other goodies...and the best sausage that we have ever tasted (we know because he's been blessed with it before! What you see in the picture won't last for long!). This was far more than usual, I must say...but greatly appreciated!

I love this tradition here in Czech, and across the region! The thoughtfulness that goes into these gifts blesses us so much.

And we've discovered so many tasty things through the years, things that have now become a part of our daily lives because someone was thoughtful enough to give it as a gift one time when Dave was speaking!

There are a lot of things that I love about living here. But the kindness and generosity of people here is definitely one of them that touches me the most!


  1. great!! This has been a part of my growing up...looking at Dad's gifts when he gets home! :) Seems like a normal part of our lives! Ha!

  2. Sweet post Connie! This reminds me again of why God clearly led you all to Czech because of the amazing way you all understand each other and are able to connect. They're just "your kind of people!" I'm happy that they've all loved on you well and vice versa! :o)

  3. The laborer is worthy of his hire. 1Timothy 5:18. We were truly blessed by Dave's selfless ministry to us while studying the Word, praying together, eating together, worshiping... Thank you for posting this Connie and Claire. :) It just makes it double joy. Lucka from Pisek