Monday, November 14, 2011

Best Gift Ever

Last night a driver from the Ostrava airport showed up at our house with a much anticipated box.

My dad told me a month ago that he'd been working on a birthday gift to Dave and I for our 50th birthdays - I couldn't imagine at the time what it was! He finished it in time to mail (it weighed 20 pounds!) to Dave in California last week so he could bring it back home with him.

Unfortunately, somewhere between Los Angeles and Frankfurt, the box was misplaced by the airline. I was just sick when Dave told me he got to Prague and the box wasn't there. Though I didn't know specifically what was in the box, I knew it was going to be a treasure since my dad had lovingly handmade I did some praying over that box for the next two days! Praise the Lord, they located it and that's the box that was delivered safely to our door last night.

At the top of the box were three letters written by my dad - one each for Dave and I, and another one written to the two of us. You can't imagine how precious those letters are!! They were words of blessing from my dad that I will honestly hold in my heart for the rest of my life.

After reading those precious letters, it was on to finding out what this special gift was!

It's an intricately crafted wooden treasure/jewelry/precious things box made completely by hand by my dad!

There were a few a special note from my dad on the back of the drawer!

And a picture of my dad with the box at their house in Oregon (beside the matching lamp that I have here at our house!).

This gorgeous little chest is one that I will treasure forever! My dad told me on the phone last night that the special piece of wood he made it from was 20 years old! It's been through several moves, just waiting for the right project to use it for. I'm SO glad he thought we were worthy of its use!

Thank you DAD!!!! I love it...and even more, I love you!!


  1. That chest is sooo pretty! So glad it made it!

  2. I never did see it finished with the drawer pulls on it. It does look beautiful! Is it heavy enough for you?