Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving JV Style

JV Thanksgiving...what a special time!

We gathered together for our 19th year of celebrating Thanksgiving as a JV family...sixty of us in all!

As always, it was a time full of blessed friendship...

...and the annual Turkey bowl! No one was hurt this year...maybe that's a first!

Jess Lindgren from Minnesota, has been an ESI (extended summer intern) with us, serving here in Czech. Thanks for giving your heart and bringing Jesus to students these past six months Jess!

Claire, Jillian Carlson and Hayley Ellenwood...precious JV Kids!

And the younger generation of JV Kids, working on their thanksgiving leaves, writing down things they are thankful for with the help of moms and dads! Thanks to Lauren for preparing that for the kids!

And of course a JV Thanksgiving is not complete without a stunning array of good food!

Each year the hotel provides the turkey and mashed potatoes, then we all fill in the rest. It's a pretty spectacular selection we get to indulge in!

What a wonderful time to share with dear friends!

JV Thanksgivings are also not complete without our annual JVK talent show! Aleisha Stephens and her daughter, Cece, taught a fun dance!

And the boys got to reconnect with some of their Dizmas friends who just finished up the Exit Tour a few days ago.

So thankful for our JV family, and the sweet fellowship we share at times like these!

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  1. GREAT collection of pictures Mom...I think our best Thanksgiving pictures yet! We're a good team. :)