Friday, November 18, 2011

Freedom and Democracy Day

Yesterday marked an anniversary here in the Czech Republic.

November 17, 1989 - the beginning of what became known as the "Velvet Revolution" in Czech...the downfall of Communism.

Crowds began to gather in Wenceslas Square on that November day in a student led demonstration, calling for the resignation of the country's communist government.

On November 28th, the government toppled, opening the way for a new era of freedom.

I happened to be in Prague yesterday, on this anniversary, standing on the same street where the demonstrations took place 22 years ago. It's hard to imagine that in this very spot stood thousands of people, putting themselves in harm's way in hopes of a better, freer future.

Their courage opened the way for us to come to the Czech Republic just four years later in 1993...with hopes for a better future for them too!

But as "Freedom and Democracy Day" is celebrated, it is a different sort of freedom that I hope for:  a freedom that comes through Jesus Christ, which leads to true hope and a better future.

This is my hope and prayer for this country that we now call "home".

**See HERE for my 25th anniversary post on the Velvet Revolution**

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  1. I remember being in Czechoslovakia in January of 1985, while it was still a communist country. Everything seemed so grey and worn out. But I did meet some very nice people who were curious about an American being in their country.

    I stayed at the Zlata Husa which is on Vaclavske namesti, right by where you are standing in the third picture. It would have been impossible for me to imagine while there in 1985 that they would be a free country in just a few years!

    Amazing to think of the differences between Communism and free market, including having the choice to believe whatever you choose. The chains in their mind may be more difficult to break than those imposed by Communism, but I know you are doing tremendous work in helping to liberate them spiritually!