Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chinese in Poland

Claire and I headed over to a mall in Poland this evening to celebrate the birthday of Kelsey, one of our JV kids who lives there.

As we came into the food court, we were surprised by a new option...take-out Chinese! For most of you that might be an every day, run of the mill, not so spectacular find.

But for us, it was noteworthy!

This little fast food Chinese place in a Polish mall, had some really tasty Chinese food. You even got to select your own amazing, fresh ingredients to go into your dish!

And, it came in this cute little take-out carton!

Oh, and there were chopsticks available for the adventurous. I'm impressed!

After fully relishing in the goodness of surprise take-out Chinese, we met up with Kelsey and friends at Coffee Heaven...okay, now we're really living it up! It's a new coffee place that's come into this mall - something similar to SB. Happy times!

Lauree, Emily and Hayley came over from Czech and picked up Kelsey and Jillian, who live in Poland, to meet up for this little birthday fun!

After some yummy coffee and a little shopping, it was a happy group who posed at the fountain for me!

Happy Birthday to Kelsey...and thank you Lord for good surprises!

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