Saturday, May 26, 2012


Caleb captured some great moments while we were in Israel. There are too many to post but these are a few that remind me of the precious time we had there.

 Dave and I up at Temple Mount...Caleb at the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall).

Dave and Caleb praying there.

On the southern steps of Temple Mount...Dave is teaching at this moment. This is most certainly one of the places where Jesus walked. Though our friend mark looks like he's sleeping, he's not! We're all just tired, but still soaking in all that we're hearing.

I just like this one of Dave (and Caleb in his reflection!)

And this one of Claire! She and I were never without our hats there...if you ever go, wear a hat! It definitely helps keep you cool when it's hot.

Walking through the markets in Jerusalem.

I was standing right there at this man's stall looking at his wares, while he slept!

You can't tell, but this is actually in Bethlehem!

Downtown on Ben Yehuda street in cute of Claire!

And dad and his kids down there as well.

Found a coffee shop that night that made a decaf latte...awesome!

And one last funny photo...taken at the hotel we stayed at in Jerusalem. Can you see who's been there?!

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