Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Familiar Place

 Our kids have walked up to this doorway literally hundreds of times over the past years....

And pushed this button...

All so they could see this man, Jirka.

Since 2002, he has been our kids' Czech tutor. Caleb was in 3rd grade when he started seeing his wife, and then all three kids transitioned over to Jirka a few years later.

That translates into thousands of hours our kids have spent with him these past ten years. He has spent a LOT of time doing homework, helping with Czech grammar, teaching and dialoguing about all sorts of subjects during their tutoring hours.

I am thankful for every hour he spent with Tyler, Caleb and Claire over the years, helping them to be successful in Czech school.

Just have to tutor ever!


  1. That door seriously looks so sketchy on the picture! Haha. Wouldn't normally notice that...I guess it just seems so normal to me!

  2. Hi Claire i know i couldn't have made it without Jirka he is the beat ever thanks for the awesome post
    Grace Pitcher