Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And So It Begins

One day you're sending your little guy off to kindergarten, and seemingly the next day (and yet it's fourteen years later!) he's off to his high school leaving exams..."maturita", as it's called in Czech.

This morning I snapped a photo of Caleb before he headed out the door for his first written exam.

He has exams today and tomorrow, and then two weeks of intense study for the oral exams which happen on Friday, May 18th.

I am so proud of Caleb, as I have been and am for Tyler and Claire, for going all the way through the Czech school system. That's a huge accomplishment! Imagine doing all your schooling in your second language...learning physics, chemistry, history or a third language in your second language?! That is just crazy. And yet it's what they've done.

Caleb's been diligent to study for these exams - but still, the pressure surrounding these exams is intense! Pray for him. For peace. For strength. For clarity. For God's will.


  1. Very appropriate to have 13 years worth of "First Day" of school pics that you now have a "Last Day" pic!

  2. I am! I'm so glad you took the picture too. Like Mike, I couldn't help but think of him standing there ALONE---strong and grown up-----rather than as a little guy with Tyler on one side and Claire on the other while heading off to school. He's soo grown up now!