Thursday, May 10, 2012

On a Street Corner

The main street in Frydlant, our little town, has some interesting things in the windows these days.

If you walk along these streets you want to make sure to look in all the storefronts because sooner or later you're going to see this...

I doesn't look like much!

But everyone's head turns as they walk by, looking in to see this year's...


What is a "tablo"? In English it's a tableau...but what exactly IS that??

Every year the graduating classes at the two high schools in town (and in every town across the country) prepare something that features, represents, honors or tells a story about the kids who are graduating.

This year, Caleb's class decided to go to a photography studio in Ostrava that specializes in fun, creative, and a bit crazy, photos for their tablo! A woman came to do something different with face paint for every one of the students. Then one of their classmates turned it into a giant sized poster to be displayed in this storefront!

It's got all kinds of quotes (most are humorous!) on it, collected over the four years that they've spent together.

This is just one more way they celebrate their four years together, and the graduation that is soon to come!


  1. I love this!! Next'll be my tablo! Crazy!

  2. Love this! How fun that the whole town gets to walk by and celebrate these kids. That's small town living at it's best! And Claire...I can't believe you're only a year away from it being you graduating! Time sure flies!

  3. Zítra tam půjdu ! Tak se určitě podívám ! :))