Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We had, what we thought, was our last family time with the four of us on Sunday night.

Yesterday Caleb was gone all day, spending time in Bratislava with Haley, his girlfriend, celebrating her birthday. Yes, it's official that they are dating!

Caleb and Haley have known each other for years as her parents served in one of our supporting churches in Colorado so we'd see them from time to time over the years.

The Chase family recently moved to Slovakia, and are now serving with JV there. That is a blessing for us and our JV family as they are a gifted family and bring many years of experience to the ministry here. It's a joy to have our friends serving with us in JV!

It's also a special blessing for Caleb and Haley who have had the opportunity to spend time in person together after many years of Skype only. We are all delighted by this development in their relationship!

They will be together at Moody this fall.

We thought we'd only have a few hours today to get Caleb packed and off on the train to Prague for his early morning flight to Chicago (he's going there to spend a few days with Tyler and then they'll fly together to Chattanooga on Saturday).

But the blessing for today is that Caleb remembered our friend Petr saying he was going to Prague tomorrow morning to also catch a flight to the States. He called to see what time his flight leaves, and it's only fifteen minutes different than Caleb's. So now he can drive along with Petr early tomorrow and not have to spend the night alone in a hotel tonight.

So we're having some extra, blessed time with Caleb today.

He and Claire are downstairs working on a song for Tyler and Lara's wedding...which is in just NINE days!! So sweet to hear him play guitar at home one last time.

I am still not feeling well today...a bit better, but in such a small increment. Whatever this virus is, it's tenacious. Please continue to pray for me! I would love the blessing of feeling better soon.

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  1. Wow, this feels like forever ago! They already look younger in this photo!