Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last year I posted about our JV Kids during JV spring conference. It's one of my most read posts, which makes me so happy - those kids are worth reading about!

This year we had almost 90 JVK at our annual conference. Fifty of those were five years old and YOUNGER! Yep, we know how to grow missionary kids!

The kids school age and above, were split into two groups for the kid's program.

Our older teenagers worked with Ben Cooper, a musician and songwriter from Nashville, to lead the adults in worship during our program. They also wrote a worship song together with him that is stunning - hope someday it makes its way into the world. It's that good.

Our school age kids up to 15, worked all week with Korban and Tanya Miller, a couple from Ft. Wayne, Indiana who were with us for last year's program as well.

What they did in four days with this group of kids is simply amazing. They put on a beautiful show for all of us on Sunday morning that had me (and most of the others) in tears at times. Really. It's that good.

JV just posted the video on FB of that performance, so I'm posting it here for you in case you won't see it there. It's 37 minutes long, but oh so worth it...especially the last five minutes.

If you have the time to watch, you'll be glad you did.

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