Thursday, May 24, 2012

Girlfriend Time

Two weeks ago God gave Amy, Laura and I an unexpected gift...a night together at Selah!

Selah is our JV retreat house, available to our missionaries throughout the year. It's such a special and beautiful place, perched up on the side of a mountain on the other side of the valley from where we live. You can look across from Selah and see Malenovice on the other side. Very cool of God to do that!

Mel and Amy spearheaded this very precious project for our team, seeing it through to completion a few years ago along with the help of many others. They cared for many volunteers who came to give their time here, and still to this day, give of themselves to take care of the facility.

Yet, Amy had never spent the night here...nor had I! Thus Laura made it happen that the three of us could sneak in a night up there together, in between other JV missionaries who were using it! Thank you Laura for making that happen!

Sipping coffee on the porch in three rocking chairs, we soaked in the view the next morning, and more importantly, deeply enjoyed some girl time before we all take off in different directions this summer.

We're hoping for a reunion up there in the fall when we can debrief our busy summers!

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