Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Full Days

Yes...these are crazy, full, wonderful days.

For my own sanity I just want to remember a few of the details...

** Taking care of our little Kaylee after surgery. Yes, "that" kind of surgery.

** Working on wedding details. Yes, even the mother of the groom has details to work on.

** Getting Caleb ready for his exams on Friday. Yes, we'll all be glad when those are done!

** Booking places to stay in the months ahead. Yes, we've got some traveling to do in the coming days.

** Meal prep. Yes, that goes on no matter what!

Speaking of which...Claire made an awesome salad to accompany my favorite spicy spaghetti sauce recipe from this woman's cookbook. Highly recommend this cookbook. Highly recommend Claire's awesome salad dressing found on her blog here!

All for now. Crazy, full days require good night's sleep!

** Thanks for the photo Claire! I'm always too busy cooking and cleaning to take food pictures! :)

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