Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring in the Valley

After all the excitement of the past days, it was nice to take a drive with Claire and soak in spring in our valley Saturday afternoon.

There are certain little back roads that we like to drive's so peaceful!

And I love to see the canola fields at this time of year - they are absolutely gorgeous!!

 Coming through the center of our little village, Malenovice...

We had to drive out to the main road because they were having some sort of festival in the village that kept us from driving through! No problem...the view from the main road was spectacular!

Finally made it around the backside of the village, and to the top of the road where you can get out and go into the canola fields!

Turned around the other direction and got a photo of the little grass airfield where we hear the planes take off from.

This is all just a three minute drive from our house!

Claire, the Malenovice church, and Lysa Hora...all beautiful!


  1. love to see all the places i used to love Grace

  2. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for that :)

  3. these pictures are absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous place!

  4. Beautiful!! You're so right--Claire, the church, Lysa Hora--all beautiful, but the first one is the most, I'm thinking!!