Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Day

Yesterday was Caleb's last day to study in the Czech language!

It's been 14 years of Czech school for him...a year of školka (kindergarten), and then 13 years of elementary and high school (they have 13 instead of 12 years here).

We took him out last night to celebrate this monumental achievement, the night before he takes his maturita exams. There is an absolutely fantastic Mexican restaurant in Frydek Mistek that we just discovered, Azteca. Best Mexican food I've ever had in Czech!

Took a few photos on the square in Mistek, and headed home for several more hours of study for him.

Then morning came...and it was time to take one last "last day of school" photo.

And send my boy off to take his final exams for Czech school!

He starts at 1 PM today and will finish around 6. And that will be it. He will have completed all his school age years here in the Czech Republic!

Next stop on the school scene: Moody Bible Institute in Chicago!

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  1. So glad you document occasions like this! Love that picture of you and Caleb...and Kaylee. :)