Monday, May 20, 2013

Arriving at Ostrava-Svinov

I wish I'd kept track of how many times we've been to this train station over the past twenty years!

So many comings and goings here. So many hellos and goodbyes.

Claire had her camera with us today as we stood on the platform, waiting for our latest guests to arrive. It's always a happy day when it's a "hello" kind of day at Ostrava-Svinov!

Kaylee was along for the wait as well.

I tried telling her who was coming, but it didn't seem to translate well into doggy language so she was mostly content just to be in my arms, away from the prying eyes and noses of other dogs on the platform waiting with their people!

As always, the train eventually approached the platform. Who's arriving???

Yep, I'm more than a little excited about who will be getting off that train at Ostrava Svinov!

TYLER and LARA!!!!!!!!!

 Oh what a happy reunion with our oldest son and his precious wife!!

They are here for the summer to lead an intern team and do English camps with Josiah Venture.

But for a few days they're here to just be family!

SO happy to see Tyler, Lara and Claire reunited! It's been a year and a half since Tyler and Lara have been here so we're all happy to get to have this time together.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for Claire...she takes her maturita exams from 8-12 in the morning.

What a good gift from the Lord to have her big brother and sister-in-law here for this huge event in her life!


  1. Oh Connie! I love this post. And I was cracking up to see Kaylee staring at Lara during the picture of you three! And it really is cool that they're here before Claire's Maturita so they can pray and cheer her on. Nothing better than having someone there who has been through it and not only survived but done awesome! Praying for her too! :o)

    1. That is a funny pic with Kaylee...three possibilities: 1. She jumped UP into the picture. 2. She is levitating. 3. Photoshop. I see no strings or hands, this is magic!

  2. This week you have a Mother's "Trifecta": All three of your children having huge life events! I'm sure you are a very proud Mom and full of joy! A job well done by you and Dave.

  3. All of these days now just seem so far away. And yet I remember them crisp and clear. Thanks for capturing them. Glad we BOTH have blogs. :)