Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One Last Svaťák

This week is the last "Svaťák" that our family will experience.

What is svaťák??

It literally means "holy week". But that doesn't actually relate to anything having to do with church!

It's a Czech term for all fourth year high school students who are in their last week of studies before taking their oral exams called "maturita". They are given a week off to buckle down and study one last time for the exams that begin next week.

Claire and I went to a nearby town yesterday, in search of a gluten free bakery we'd heard about so that she could study there (it helps to have a change of location to keep studying interesting!)

Unfortunately, after an hour of searching, asking any and everybody if they knew where it was, the only thing we found were some beautiful old buildings. Not too bad of a trade!

We ended up at another one of our favorite cafes instead.

The one with my favorite apple strudel.

Oh the sacrifices we make for our kids during svaťák! :)

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  1. These are sweet memories. And yet, my stomach still does a flip-flop thinking about this stressful week. SO glad I'm done with that!! Haha! It's hard to believe it still seems like maturita was hard, even after a year and a half at college!