Monday, May 27, 2013

Foreign Police Fun

Visiting this place is not on my top ten list of fun things to do around here.

That is the foreign police office in Ostrava, where we go when we deal with our visas that allow us to live here in the Czech Republic.

Yes, I'm a sneaky mom...taking this one on my phone (not sure they'd take too kindly to me whipping out my camera to get a picture...or understand why, for that matter!).

Claire had to get a new visa today, after hers (and a bunch of other things) was stolen from her purse a month ago.

Even though there was no problem with getting it, there is still a slight (okay...maybe more than that) amount of stress that happens when we have to visit this office. After all, they're the ones who can say yes or no to us living here!

However...what IS on my top ten list of fun things to do is visit this place AFTER going to the foreign police office!

Just a block away from the police office, this shop of goodness awaits any and all who find their way into Ollies, a cafe and bakery whose motto is "May your life be sweet"!

This place SERIOUSLY has the very best desserts in Ostrava! And yes, my life is sweeter because of Ollies!

Oh, and because of this even sweeter girl I still get to hang out with! :)

After treating ourselves to a few Ollie delights (they even do gluten free!), we headed into the nearby park for a nice stroll afterward.

Never one to be left out, Kaylee was along with us in the car so needed a walk.

And all of that made our trip to the foreign police, a whole lot more fun today!

(The grass really is THAT edits on that photo!)

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