Saturday, May 25, 2013

Noc Kostelů

I was heading for bed last night when I happened to look at Instagram and saw a photo that Tyler had posted from Český Těšín, just a half hour away from where we live.

"Oh NO!", I thought to myself. I'd forgotten that it was "Noc Kostelů".

He and Lara, along with the other Josiah Venture intern leaders, were there at the "Night of Churches".

What is Noc Kostelů?

This is the fourth year in a row that over 1300 churches across the Czech Republic, have opened their doors for an evening of welcoming the public in for concerts, art viewings, wine tasting (yes, at church!), prayer and worship services.

Last year, on this one night, over 400,000 visitors in this country of 10.5 million people, made their way into churches, chapels and prayer houses.

After debating for a few minutes, Claire and I decided to drive into Frýdek-Místek, even though it was so late, to visit a few churches. (I should add that Dave had left earlier in the day for a conference in Poland, so that's why he wasn't with us.)

It was just a few minutes before 11 PM when we arrived at the first church, pictured at the top of this post.

The evening's program was still in progress (most churches were open until midnight), so we took a little tour, heading down into the crypt where we were delighted by the paintings that you otherwise wouldn't get to see!

After that we headed over to another church (pictured in the painting above...the two white steeples), and again were delightfully surprised by both the program, a beautiful concert of worship songs, and displays.

This table was set up in remembrance of the Last Supper that the disciples had with Jesus. It was so moving to see their names, and an item symbolizing each disciple, and Jesus, placed on the cushion at their spot.

Even though it was nearing midnight, there were many people there, listening and wandering throughout the church.

I have no idea what brought them all...perhaps they live in the neighborhood, perhaps they're curious, perhaps they have an interest in something spiritual. I hoped they were searching for God.

As I sat listening to the group sing, I prayed for our country, the Czech Republic.

If you listen carefully you can hear that this particular song was in English: "Bless the Lord my soul, and bless His holy name...Bless the Lord my soul, who leads me into life."

I prayed that in my lifetime, there would be many who would come to know Jesus. That they would be led from spiritual darkness into light and life found only in Him.

I prayed there would be spiritual repentance and revival throughout this land.

Oh may this be so!!

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  1. What a special blessing to be able to see those gorgeous churches and the music in the video is wonderful. Thank you for posting these, you have started my morning worship with true beauty!