Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two Graduates in the Family

There are two Patty graduates this season. Guess who?

Claire and Lara!

The day before Tyler and Lara got on a plane to Czech, Lara graduated from Moody Bible Institute! Super proud of her, and of Claire who finished BMA yesterday.

To celebrate our two girls, we headed to our favorite mall in Ostrava for coffee, dinner and a movie last night!

Oh, and you know we're not Patty's unless we take photos, right?

So proud of both our girls for the huge milestones they just completed!

And so glad to get the opportunity to celebrate both of them at the same time, in person! It was a gift from the Lord that the timing worked out so that we'd all be together within just days of them finishing school.

Congratulations Lara and Claire!!! Well done!

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