Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring Conference with our JV Family

We are in the midst of a wonderful conference with our JV family!

I didn't get the official photo of us, but at least have this one to show you...there are a lot of us here this week!

And look at this...those are JUST the JV Kids! (And the mob of parents trying to get their kids to look/smile at the camera!)

It's been such a rich week, hearing stories of God's work in and through our staff, praying for each other and rejoicing in all that God is doing throughout central and eastern Europe.

Dave's been teaching on principles of the Upside Down Kingdom, which has been excellent (and of course I'm not biased!) I'll post a link later to his talks when they've been loaded on the JV website, in case you want to listen to them.

This is our Bteam who have been serving our JV family this thankful I am for these dear friends!

I just ran home to pick up a few things and now need to get back up to Malenovice for our last evening together, which will include a goodbye to our JV Kids who will be leaving for college this summer - one of those being Claire. It will be a precious evening...and I'm sure I'll cry.

It won't be the last time, that's for sure!

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