Friday, May 17, 2013

Those Pretty Yellow Fields

Yesterday I was in Havirov, the city we lived in for nearly eight years when we first moved here in 1993.

While the city itself is fine, it's the surroundings in springtime that make it magical...especially those pretty yellow fields!

Our old house was just a short walk away from here.

I remember walking on the road to that church (above), to go to the wedding of a teacher of our kids years ago. Claire was just six years old then so that teacher has already been married twelve years!

I guess I must still be in a sentimental mood (see yesterday's post for more sentiment) as these pictures bring up emotions and sweet memories of our years spent there.

Just walking down memory lane these days...thinking about twenty years of life here in Czech.


  1. The yellow fields are pretty, but what are they? Any ideas about their end use? We have some yellow fields in the Willamette Valley and I think they are "rapeseed" or canola. Very beautiful but I still love the lush green fields that are grass seed. The ground is so green and it goes on forever!