Tuesday, May 21, 2013

She's Done!

The big news first:  Claire passed her huge Czech maturita exams today!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Even though it was a big morning for Claire, we couldn't pass up the "last day of school" photo (you're welcome Uncle Mike!).

It was nice to have Tyler here this morning to get a shot of us with her before she left for the exams. And no, I'm not that short! She's wearing heels! :)

Aside from the nerves of heading into this huge exam, there was also a certain joy and giddiness this morning, knowing that "this is it"!

For me, it was also another moment of realization...she's grown up now, even driving herself to the exams. When did this happen?!

While a part of me misses the sweet little girl she once was, I also love the young woman that she has become.

I felt a total sense of peace as I watched her drive off this morning...not just about the exams she was headed into, but that she's ready for what's ahead in life.

She headed into Frydlant and entered these doors she's been going through for 4 years now, at the school where both Tyler and Caleb graduated from as well. We've had a Patty child entering those doors for 8 straight years!

Today was the last day one of our children would enter as a student.

One of Claire's dear friends, Verča, had her exams this morning as well. Four students were in the morning, four later this afternoon. 

After four hours of exams...it was all over. Claire passed!!!!

Tyler and Lara were at school when she finished and he caught this significant moment as she was officially congratulated by one of her teachers.

I'm so glad Tyler was there to capture this moment with some of her teachers, the government examiner and the principal of her school!

And then...she walked out of the BMA doors one last time, having successfully completed 13 years of Czech school.


What a gift to have Tyler and Lara there to celebrate that significant moment!!

It's hard to comprehend right now, the true significance of this moment.

All three of our kids completed Czech national school. Wow. I'm soaking that in today.

When we sent Tyler to first grade we didn't know if he, or Caleb and Claire, would go all the way through.

Today we celebrate that they did!!!!!!

What a great accomplishment!!!!

We're off to celebrate now!!!!


  1. Congrats to you all what a great day this is and what a blessing you have had!! Have fun Celebrating !

  2. Love the pictures of the last day! Claire looks so fabulous and joyful...congratulations to my wonderful niece on her graduation from Czech high school!!!

  3. So very proud of Claire and her hard work. Will feel funny not to send a child to school next year...Maybe you'll have to host the first day breakfast for all the young moms in Frydlant! What a big day.


  4. Wow... looking back at this still gives me butterflies. Thank you for everything you did to help me through this time!! I never will be doing that again. Still a weird thought!!!